Bamboo Products

Bamboo, like tea, has always been a part of China. It has been cultivated for thousands of years. Bamboo shoots can be eaten to satisfy the stomach. Used as a landscaping plant, bamboo can be viewed and admired, to satisfy the soul. Paintings of bamboo can be high art. And, bamboo can be used to build.

In China, bamboo is highly admired. It is straight and upright like the Confucian Superior Person. It is light in weight, yet very strong. Bamboo is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. Four Seasons of luck. It grows fast and true.

As good as bamboo is, it still had one limitation. Its shape limited its use. Some years ago, a new process was applied to bamboo. It was compressed under high pressure and formed into lumber. This lumber proved to be strong and durable.

Now, long-lasting, beautiful furniture is being crafted from this new bamboo. This very affordable furniture of classical style has another advantage. Bamboo is self-sustaining. Cut the bamboo. Build the furniture, but the root remains and new bamboo quickly grows to be used again. It is good for the earth.


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