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Green Tea Seed Oil

When I was a child in Taiwan, my grandmother always used green tea seed oil to care for her hair. Her hair was very beautiful and black. The older Taiwanese generation used tea seed oil to care for their hair. This was called bitter tea seed oil because it was original, not refined yet.  When women of the younger generation had a new  baby, they used the tea seed oil blended with noodles to ensure the new mother's good health. In the countryside, medicine  is not so popular and easy to get. When someone was cut or burned or scalded, the parents used the tea seed oil to treat the injury.

I have very strong childhood memories of this. I remembered how tea seed oil had almost magical properties for both internal and external use.

In 1999, when I created my own oolong tea garden in Fujian province, I also began experimenting to discover how to create the best green tea seed oil for everyday use. I also learned that, as in Taiwan, the people of south China also used green tea seed oil for internal and external health. I feel that the green tea seed oil is like a hidden treasure. I wanted the world to learn about the marvels of green tea seed oil to improve the health of citizens of the world in the 21st century. 

I began searching the Human Food Science departments of many universities in China for information on green tea seed oil. The more research I did, the more confident I became in the excellent benefits of this wonderful product.  Then I began examining the technology so that I could find the best way to produce green tea seed oil and retain the healthy benefits. In the beginning it was very difficult. The excellent foods did not have many manufacturers. People were not  as interested in the best food. It was not possible to find a machine to process the green tea seed. So,  I developed my own machine to properly process the oil.

I also wanted my product to meet the international oil quality requirements.  We worked hard and finally created our own green tea seed oil refinement venture. This small manufacturer can produce 1,000 kilos of refined tea seed oil per day. The product is clean:   no pesticides, no heavy material, and the unsaturated fats are 88%. The taste is clean, not bitter, impeccable!  Now green tea seed oil has a new life.

The tea seed comes from the deep mountains in southwest China. The plants are all wild. The tea seed oil comes from 6 provinces. The tea seeds may be processed by steam, or by fire, producing different flavors.

In 2000, I began importing the green tea seed oil to the United States. This was a brand new product for the USA.  In 2000 I brought this oil to the NASFT. This was so new, it was difficult for the buyers to understand. Once someone understood, they became interested. The food editor for the New York Times said this was the only product he had seen at the show that interested him.

Green tea seed oil is perfect for flavoring salads or for cooking. It has a high smoke point, and, because of its slow oxidation rate, it has a long shelf life.

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